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Hub Update Week 4

Hi Volunteers.

Week 4 update for you with the latest facts and figures from the Hub.  Also an updated Poster as we widen what we offer to others parts of our community including Front-line Workers and Families struggling to get out to Shop.  We decided to hold off on the Dog Walking as there is still some uncertainty as to whether pets can catch the virus.

If you have a printer please do print the poster and attach it to your window, door or gate so the community know we are here for them.

Rich if you could arrange for the new posters to go in the shop/notice boards that would be great?

We are applying for funding from WCC this weekend if we receive it we will attempt a new flyer delivery in two weeks time. Thanks to Tara for completing the Application Form and coordinating this application.

Week 4 Facts and Figures

Total no of volunteers – 38  (down 1 from last week)

Total no of Registered Clients –   28 (Same as last week)

No of Volunteers deployed to directly help clients –  10
No of volunteers deployed to other organisations –  7
Total Number of volunteers deployed – 17

No of prescriptions delivered this week – 5
No of Prescription delivered in total – 25

No of shopping deliveries this week – 44 (Includes Spar deliveries made by volunteers)
Total number of shopping deliveries – 262 (includes Spar deliveries made by volunteers)

(NB the apparent discrepancy in number of clients and number of volunteers deployed is because many of our clients require prescriptions from Hastings House and we have had to nominate one person to collect all those prescriptions on a weekly basis so one person delivers to multiple people).

Organisation Partners

Local organisations we are now partnered with, this enables us to receive and give referrals easily to ensure people have the right support and quickly.

  1. The Village Spar
  2. Shipston Medical Centre
  3. Wellesbourne and Walton Community Hub
  4. Hasting House Medical Centre
  5. Wellesbourne Wellbeing Team (part of Hastings House)
  6. Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards
  7. Trussle Trust Food Bank

Care Packages for Volunteers

We are working on creating a care package for all assigned volunteers- This will include a bottle of hand sanitiser and some protective gloves. Will also try to get you all a windscreen sticker for your car so you do not get stopped by the police whilst out on volunteers service.

If you need gloves or hand sanitiser urgently please let Nikki know.

Coordinator Days

if you require support from the coordinators next week these are our days.
Monday- Sharon
Tuesday- Sharon
Wednesday – Nikki
Thursday – Nikki /Sharon
Friday- Nikki
Sunday- Nikki

Thanks for all you are doing.

Best wishes

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