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Hub Update Week 3

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all doing OK and have had a good week.

Just wanted to give you some end of week 3 facts and figures for the Hub.

New Coordinator Trained

Firstly I want to introduce you to Sharon Price who has now been trained as a second Hub coordinator, Sharon will be working alongside me and the primary coordinator on the days I am in the hospital which next week is Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

If you need to contact Sharon her email address is above. You can also get her on the whats app group. Which leads nicely into the second fact.

New Volunteer WhatsApp Group

A new Whats app group has been set up for those who volunteered for roles such as telephone friendship, shopping and Prescription pick up. Sharon and I will likely use this as the first port of call to match new clients with a volunteer though we will continue to use email and telephone too.

If you have not been invited to this group and think you should of been, please let me know sending me your mobile telephone number as can only add mobiles to the group.

Data for this week

It has been a slow week regards clients and support tasks, but this appears to be true across the hubs in South Warwickshire. There is an expectation next week will be quite busy as people face the reality of a further three weeks of lock down, at least, and with Easter week being over. But we will see! Tbh we were quite relieved of the pause as it gave us time to train Sharon and improve some of our processes to make life as simple as possible.

No of new Registered Volunteers this week –   3  welcome to Molly, Simon and Wendy
Total no of volunteers – 39

No of newly registered Clients this week –  3 (all self referred)
Total no of Registered Clients –       28

No of Volunteers deployed to directly help clients –  10
No of volunteers deployed to other organisations –  7
Total Number of volunteers deployed – 17

No of prescriptions delivered this week – 2
No of Prescription delivered in total – 21

No of clients receiving support with shopping – 3  (1 more than last week)
No of clients receiving telephone friendship support – 4 (2 more than last week)

(NB the apparent Discrepancy in number of clients and number of volunteers deployed is because many of our Clients require prescriptions from Hastings House and we have had to nominate one person to collect all those prescriptions on a weekly basis so one person delivers to multiple people).

Book Swap

Sarah Neale who lives on Ivy Lane runs a community book swap from her porch which is open 8am to 8pm every day. She is very happy for volunteers to use this resource to support those isolating and for themselves.. If you feel your client would benefit from some new reading material please do visit the book swap but it will be necessary for you to thoroughly wipe the books with disinfectant wipe before delivering to your client as Sarah is not able to ensure they are all clean.

Designated Trading Standards Officer

Warwickshire County Council has offered the Hub a designated office to whom we can report issues with doorstep sellers, rogue traders and Scams. If you are aware of any issues relating to this and affecting our vulnerable please do let me know. we are also being offered support to have priority access to other support networks such as Citizens advice. Please do direct people to the Hub who may need this kind of support in the coming weeks.

So though the Hub has been quiet in terms of Clients we have been moving forward in others way.

Please do continue to promote the Hub to those who require extra support in the weeks and months ahead and Thank You for your commitment to the Hub and to our wonderful community.

stay safe

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