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Good Friday Update

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all doing OK and able to enjoy some spring sunshine.

Just wanted to give you some end of week 2 facts and figures for the Hub.

No of Registered Volunteers this week –   8
Total no of volunteers – 36

No of registered Clients this week – 20  ( 1 referred by G.P, 5 self referred, 14 referred by Wellesbourne Community Hub)
Total no of Registered Clients –       25

No of Volunteer deployed to directly help clients –  7
No of volunteers deployed to other organisations –  7
Total Number of volunteers deployed – 14

No of prescriptions delivered this week – 7
No of Prescription delivered in total – 17

No of clients receiving support with shopping – 4
No of clients receiving telephone friendship support – 2

Also wanted to let you know that we have been overwhelmed with emails and calls of gratitude for what we are doing. For many of the clients registered we are literally their lifeline in this difficult time.

For those not yet deployed please do bear with us as you can see we have more volunteers than clients and most of them are for prescription pick up at the moment.

We have been advised to expect shopping and telephone friendship requests to increase as time goes on at which point our list of volunteers will be invaluable.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Weekend, a time when we remember that no matter how dark things may look, the light does always break through in the end and often it is up to us to be the light in other peoples darkness.

Happy Easter

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