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End of Week 1 Update

Well it has been quite a week and I for one have been blown away by the level of support for the new Hub.

I also cannot believe how far we have come in just 5 days, just shows what we are all capable of when the chips are down and we work together using our different skills appropriately.

So here is an update of where we are at the end of week 1.

1. We are ready to launch fully as of now.

2. Flyers will be distributed to every home in the Parish between Sunday and Tuesday next week – Thank you to the Flyer creating team, Colette for printing and the delivery volunteer team.

3. We are fully live on facebook with 125 members already – Thank you to the two admins and to Tiff for creating and getting us going.

4. Our safeguarding and safe logging system is working and has been tested. Thanks for the patience of those who helped test it!  and to Keith who is helping tidy it all up so it works even better.

5. We have 5 volunteers placed with the SPAR.

6. We have received 4 calls – 3 referrals from concerned villages and one direct contact.

7. 3 of our Volunteers are supporting 3 Clients   – 1 Telephone friendship, 1 Shopping support, 2 Prescription supports.

8. 8 Prescriptions have been or will be delivered by the end of today (6 of these came via the Wellesbourne hub, who were picking up our residents before we set up.)

9. We have a primary contact in each village with a designated contact number – Thank you Clare and Debbie

10. We have 30 Volunteers in the database – all but 9 have been identity checked and are ready for deployment.  If you have not yet sent me your ID please do when you get chance.

Thank you to all of you, it has been an incredible few days for me personally as on Sunday I had no idea what I was taking on but with your help, support and encouragement we have something useful to contribute in this awful time.

But now I need a rest and a bottle of wine or two after dropping off flyers.

Bless you and may you have a good and healthy weekend.


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